Emergency Telephone Number

210 668 2222

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Credits of the project

Credits of the project

Supervisory Authority

The GREEK STATE, represented by the DIRECTORATE OF OPERATION, MAINTENANCE & EXPLOITATION OF INFRASTRUCTURES WITH CONCESSION AGREEMENT (DIRECTORATE L.S.E.P.) falling under the General Secretariat of Infrastructures / General Directorate of Transportation Infrastructures of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping & Tourism, monitors and oversees the operation and maintenance of the motorway. This Service is a successor to E.Y.D.E./S.E.R.A, which was responsible for supervising and overseeing the design and construction of the project.

Concession Company 

41,9 km of Attiki Odos Motorway, 190 02 - Peania, telephone: 210 6682200, fax: 210 6025060, e-mail: aosa@attiki-odos.gr

"ATTIKI ODOS S.A." is the Concession Company (Concessionaire) of the project, which has undertaken the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the motorway, through the execution of a Concession Contract with the Greek State. The Concession Company's stakeholders' structure consists of AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A. (a member of ELLAKTOR S.A. Group) holding 65,78%, JAVAX S.A. holding 24,39%, ETETH S.A. (a member of AVAX S.A. Group) holding 9,83% and the French company EGIS PROJECTS S.A. holding the other 20%.

Attiki Odos Construction Joint Venture 

 25 Ermou Street, 145 64 Nea Kifissia - GREECE

Central work site: 41,9 Km of Attiki Odos Motorway, 190 02 Peania - GREECE, telephone: 210 6632161, email: aojv@attikiodos.gr

Attiki Odos Construction Joint Venture is the construction company for the project, a joint venture made up of Greek companies, led by AKTOR S.A., which successfully implemented a complex and difficult project, bringing together the greatest construction companies of Greece.

Operation & Maintenance Company

41,9 Km of Attiki Odos, 190 02 - Peania, telephone: 210 6682000, fax: 210 6635578, e-mail: ad@attikesdiadromes.gr

"ATTIKES DIADROMES S.A." is the company which has undertaken the operation and maintenance of Attica Tollway. The shareholders of the Concession Company participate in "Attikes Diadromes S.A." with a stake of 80% (ATTIKA DIODIA S.A.), together with the French Company EGIS ROAD OPERATION (ex Transroute International), with a 20% stake.

Financing bodies:

  • The Greek State
  • The European Union 
  • The European Investment Bank
  • The Concession Company "Attiki Odos S.A." (through its shareholders)
  • A Group of Commercial Banks