Emergency Telephone Number

In accordance with the decision of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) with No. 966/2 – Government Gazette 5266/Β/30-11-2020, we would like to inform you that calls to 1024 are subject to the Tariff Policy applied by each mobile and fixed telecommunications network operator. For further information, please visit the website of your network operator as well as the website of the Price Observatory for Telecommunication and Postal Retail Services of EETT.

210 668 2222

Telephone Customer Service



1. What do I gain by subscribing to the Attica Tollway programmes?
You save time and money. Time, because you pass through the electronic e-PASS lanes, without having to stop and search for cash. Money, because you benefit from significant discounts, depending on the subscription programme you have selected.

2. How do I choose the subscription programme which is most advantageous for me?
In order to choose the subscription programme that best covers your needs, you must know the category of your vehicle and the number of journeys you make (approximately) per calendar month (e.g. March 1st – 31st). Use the Attica Tollway Calculator to find the subscription programme which is most advantageous for you.

3. What is the charge for obtaining the e-PASS device?

The e-PASS device is given to subscribers free of charge for use on Attica Tollway.

4. Is the discount applicable over the calendar month?

The BONUS & FRIENDLY programmes provide for escalating discounts calculated per transaction and electronic device up to and including the last day of each calendar month (e.g. March 1st-31st, April 1st-30th). The EXPRESS & MOTO programmes provide a standard discount, irrespective of the number of transactions performed per month, applicable from the very first transaction.

5. Can I register more than two vehicles under the same subscription account?

There is no restriction on the number of vehicles that can be included in any of the pre-payment subscription programmes (EXPRESS, BONUS, FRIENDLY, MOTO). The only thing that you have to do is to produce the vehicle registration documents for each of the vehicles, when submitting your subscription. In these cases, the e-PASS devices for all vehicles are integrated into the same fee payment programme and will have a “joint account”.

6. Can I use the same e-PASS in two different vehicles?

For your own convenience, you should obtain another e-PASS device for the second vehicle (free of charge).

7. What documentation is required for subscribing to the programmes?

Read about the relevant documentation in the I WANT TO BECOME A SUBSCRIBER section.

8. If I cannot be present in person for the subscription process, what are my options?

If you are a private individual or self-employed, you may grant authorization to a third person, certified by a public authority as to the authenticity of the signature. The authorized person must produce your documentation and his/her identity card. If you are applying as a company, the company’s legal representative can grant authorization to a third person on the company’s letterhead, sealed and stamped.

9. Where should I position the e-PASS device in my vehicle?

The e-PASS device should be firmly affixed to the windshield of your vehicle.

10. What should I pay attention to when using the electronic payment lanes?

As indicated on the signs fixed on the lane, you should enter the exclusive e-PASS lane only when the driver of vehicle in front of you has completed his transaction and the bar has closed again behind him. Always keep a safe distance of at least 10 meters from the vehicle ahead of you, and do not exceed a maximum speed of 20 km/hour as you approach.

11. You may renew your account by choοsing one of the following ways:

*payble to “Attiki Odos S.A.”

In the network of collaborating banks/businesses:

(The surcharges are set and withheld entirely by the banks/businesses)

* The renewal requires the presentation of the e-PASS electronic device.

The payments you make to our account via a bank will appear on the payment system ONLY if you fill in the eight-digit customer code as part of the reason for payment, which is the same as the number recorded on your account or your application agreement, as shown in the sample forms below.

Form 1

Form 2

If you do not fill in the eight-digit code, your payment will unfortunately not be registered in the system.

Furthermore, you should be aware that no payments made through money transfer or remittance from other banks will be registered in the system.

12. What should I do if I lose my e-PASS device or Account Card?

From Monday to Saturday, 08:00-19:00, and Sunday, 09:00 to 17:00, you can call the Customer Telephone Service on 210 6682222 or visit any of the Customer Service Centers to declare the loss of your device. If you wish to declare a loss other than during the aforementioned opening days and hours, you may send the loss statement by fax to 210 668 2240, stating your customer code & the code of the e-PASS device or Account Card, so that your request can be processed on the next business day.

13. Is there an e-PASS device for motorcycles?

For safety reasons, the e-PASS device may not be used by motorcycles. However, the MOTO subscription programme has been specially designed for motorcyclists. The MOTO programme enables you to use the special «Account Card» to pass through a lane served by a collection officer, providing you with a standard discount each time you pass through the toll stations.

14. Is there an e-PASS device for buses and trucks?

Owners of vehicles of categories 5 & 6 use the special Account Cards. Owners/drivers of vehicles of categories 5 & 6 who use the Interoperability Network, across Greece, can also obtain the e-PASS electronic device. The EXPRESS TRUCK & FRIENDLY TRUCK subscription programmes, intended for the drivers of such vehicles, have been specially created, also offering discount rates according to the number of journeys made by subscribers.

15. What are the vehicle categories and how can I find out which category my vehicle belongs to?

See the vehicle categories and respective charges in the «TOLL RATES» section.

16. How can I get information about my account balance?

The electronic system (e-PASS) installed and operating at all toll stations of the Attica Tollway, displays the following messages when you pass through the respective lane:

You can also obtain information regarding your subscription programme (e.g. account balance, payments, charges, number of transactions made etc.):

– by calling the Customer Telephone Service on 210 668 2222, Monday to Saturday, 08:00 to 19:00 and Sunday, 09:00 to 17:00. 
– by visiting www.aodos.gr and subscribing free of charge to the “my e-PASS” service

«Έγκυρο – Good», when the balance of your account is sufficient for further transactions;
«Οριακό – Low», when the available balance of your subscription account is less than the recommended amount according to the programme you have subscribed to;
«Άκυρο – Bad», when the balance of your account is not sufficient to complete further transactions.

17. Will I be sent a transaction invoice and an analytical statement for the transactions I make?

Depending on the subscription programme you select, we will send you a monthly transaction invoice and an analytical statement, or an annual transaction invoice, without the analytical statement.
In each case, however, we would like to inform you that an analytical statement of your subscription account, containing the charges and a breakdown of your transactions, can be sent to you on a monthly basis, free of charge, via e-mail. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please call the Customer Telephone Service or visit any of the Customer Service Centers to register your e-mail address.

18. Can I receive an electronic copy of the transaction invoice and the analytical statement of transactions?

An analytical statement for your subscription account, together with the charges and a breakdown of the transactions performed, can be sent to you free of charge, on a monthly basis, by e-mail. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please call the Customer Telephone Service or visit any of the Customer Service Centers to submit your e-mail address, or register here on our website.

19. When I pay to renew the balance of my account, I would like to receive an invoice, not an ordinary receipt. Is this possible?

According to applicable taxation law, the company is obliged to issue the respective invoices after the end of each calendar month. Such invoices will include the transactions performed during the previous month. Therefore, in any event, the invoice will be issued after the transactions have been performed, not at the time of their pre-payment.

20. What do I have to do to change the subscription programme I have selected and how often can I change it?

You may request a change in your subscription programme any time you wish, but you should know that such changes will be activated from the 1st day of the next calendar month. In order to make any changes, it is necessary either to visit one of the Attica Tollway Customer Service Centers and sign the respective form or contact the Customer Telephone Service at 210 668 2222, from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 to 19:00 and Sunday, 09:00 to 17:00. 

21. Can I use the e-PASS device to pass through toll stations outside Attica Tollway?

Using the Attica Tollway e-PASS device, you can travel on the motorways all over Greece, due to the interoperability service.

In case you hold more than one electronic device select and install, on your vehicle’s windscreen, the one you wish to charge.