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In accordance with the decision of the
Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission
(EETT) with No. 966/2 - Government Gazette
5266/Β/30-11-2020we would like to inform
you that calls to 1024 are subject to the Tariff Policy 
applied by each mobile and fixed telecommunications
network operator. For further information, please visit
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210 668 2222

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Road safety awareness programmes

"Attiki Odos S.A." and “Attikes Diadromes S.A.” have been creating and implementing road safety awareness programmes for children and adults for over a decade. Studying modern educational needs, and always with the contribution of specialized professionals (children’s psychologists and educators), the two companies often create new actions, while renewing their highly successful existing partnerships. The cost of these programmes is covered by "Attiki Odos S.A.", while finding and allocating suitable premises (special facilities in Municipalities and / or schools) is done by the interested parties.

Road safety awareness programmes for Primary School children

Interactive exhibition in cooperation with the Hellenic Children's Museum / NEW  

Target groups: children 3 - 12 years old & families

Creation of infrastructure that runs through the ground floor of the Athens Children's Museum, through play, creation, collaboration and active participation of children:

  • Learn to recognize the road signs and the importance of proper traffic behavior
  • Become aware of the importance of traffic laws
  • Enhance their ecological consciousness

The design of the exhibit is the result of collaboration between an interdisciplinary team of psychologists-pedagogues, transport experts and the companies "Attikes Diadromes S.A." and "Attiki Odos S.A.". With its experience and know-how, this team contributes daily to the creation and completion of the exhibit, while educational activities are constantly evolving and enriching, based on feedback and feedback from the public.

Participation form here.

Interactive theatrical show: "Attikoulis & The Kingdom of Atzamosini"

(NEW SCENARIO -   the show will be ready by 1/3/2020)

Target group:  Kindergarten and Primary School children (4-10 years old)

Show duration: about 2 hours

New script for the successful interactive show, "Attikoulis". This is the 6th screenplay renewal, entitled ‘Attikoulis & The Kingdom of Atzamosini’. The show is moved to school classrooms, with an emphasis on those in the mostly degraded areas and runs throughout the school year.

“Attikoulis” experiential educational show was created in 2006 exclusively for "Attiki Odos S.A." by Irene Fil. Koutsafti  and directed by Mary Inglesi. The play familiarizes preschool and elementary school children with the principles of road safety, through interactive play.  Singing, dancing, music, mysteries are all employed so that children can play a leading role and experience the messages of road safety.

The show won the "Excellence in Road Safety Award" in 2015 from the European Commission in Brussels. In addition to schools, Attiki Odos S.A. has offered 3,900 free tickets to its users and subscribers in recent years.

To date, more than 62,000 children have been educated through the particular show.

Participation form here.

«In Traffic with Safety»

Target group: Kindergarten and Primary School children (4-10 years old)

Duration: about 1 hour

Maximum number of pupils that can participate: 25

The traffic safety programme, in collaboration with IOAS and the Ministry of Education, continues to be implemented in Kindergarten and Primary School classrooms by specially trained educators.

To date, more than 68,900 children have been educated on the issue of road safety via the particular program. 

Participation form here.

Collaboration with Mad TV / NEW

Target group:  teenagers & young adults (13-25 years old)

It is the first time that Attiki Odos reaches out to young people via a youth TV channel, by creating four (4), one-minute videos, entitled Safe(ty) & the City by Attiki Odos, starring two presenters / influencers, Ilenia Williams and Eleni Voulgarakis. The scenarios of the videos are based on the distracted driving, which is the no1 cause of car accidents among young people

"Safety & the City by Attiki Odos" - Episode 1

"Safety & the City by Attiki Odos" - Episode 2

"Eyes on the Road: the e-Learning  Edition"/ NEW

(Approval by the Ministry of Education)

Target group: last classes of Middle School and all of High School (14 – 18 years old)

Duration: approximately 1 ½ hours

 The e-Learning version of the "Eyes on the Road" program is based on the successful live-action interactive seminar "Eyes on the Road", presented by Thanassis Houndras. This adjustment was made in order to be able to teach, with greater ease and at a lower cost, pupils and educators across the country – but mainly those residing in isolated islands and villages – the importance of road safety. The seminar has been recently approved by the Ministry of Education.

To date, more than 10,000 students in Attica schools have been educated via the live-action interactive seminar.

Participation form here.