Emergency Telephone Number

In accordance with the decision of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) with No. 966/2 – Government Gazette 5266/Β/30-11-2020, we would like to inform you that calls to 1024 are subject to the Tariff Policy applied by each mobile and fixed telecommunications network operator. For further information, please visit the website of your network operator as well as the website of the Price Observatory for Telecommunication and Postal Retail Services of EETT.

210 668 2222

Telephone Customer Service


Watch out for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are as exposed and vulnerable as pedestrians, but they are in more danger due to the speed they travel at.

Here is some advice for avoiding accidents with motorcyclists:

  • Do not drive aggressively. Motorcyclists often move between lanes, in order to avoid traffic. Even if this practice annoys you, do not take action that could intercept their course and lead to an accident.
  • Do not put pressure on motorcyclists by trying to reach traffic lights first. They may be forced to accelerate to move ahead and away from you.
  • Keep a safe distance. Always keep the proper safe distance from a motorcyclist ahead of you. He may need to dodge or apply the brakes suddenly or even, due to lack of experience, react erratically.
  • Give them the space you would give to a car. When overtaking a motorcycle, leave it as much space as you would leave to a car. The driver may, at that moment, dodge to avoid potholes or irregular surfaces.
  • Do not overtake when there is not enough space to overtake safely or when coming up to a junction.
  • Always check your mirror for motorcyclists before changing lanes or making a turn.Remember to check your mirror twice and to switch on your indicator lights any time you change lanes or make a turn. Remember that there is a blind spot in your mirror and you may not see a motorcycle moving towards you.
  • Check carefully every time you make a turn. Especially when your field of vision is obstructed by stationary trucks or other vehicles.
  • Check at intersections. Take a little more time and check carefully at intersections, since often either visibility is restricted or motorcyclists may be traveling at a high speed.
  • Motorcyclists may overtake you from both sides. So check before turning either right or left.
  • Do not throw trash or cigarettes out of the windows of your car. It may cause the motorcyclist to lose control, with tragic consequences.
  • Park safely. Always check for motorcyclists before opening the door of your car and make sure that all passengers do the same. When leaving a parking space, check carefully around you and remember that motorcycles are smaller and more difficult to detect than a car.